End User Guides

Simple illustrated guides to ensure you get the most from RIP Text - but if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us.


Create new account

Simply enter your name (eg: John Smith) a chosen username and password, confirm your password, enter an email address and press LOG IN - that's it you now have an account on RIP Text.

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Topping up

Using your personal username and password you created when registering, enter these in the log in screen and press 'LOG IN'

Once logged in decide how you want to pay to 'TOP UP' your account: Pay Pal, Credit Card or Voucher. If you have a voucher, simply enter the voucher code into the box provided and press submit. Your account will be credited with the amount of the voucher.

If paying by Pay Pal or Credit Card select the amount of the top up from the drop down box and then press 'Buy Now' - follow the instruction on the Pay Pal site. Your account will be credited with the amount requested and paid for.

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Download & Install App

Simply go to the Google Play Store on your handset and search for RIPText - once found click the RIPText icon and follow the download instructions.

Alternatively click the link opposite or use the QR Code below to open the RIPText Play Store page.

If you have a QR Reader on your handset, simply scan the image to start a RIPText app install from the Google Play Store.

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Using the RIPText App

Take a look at our YouTube video review for a first glance at RIPText...

If you propose using RIP Text as your principle text application we recommend you turn off notifications in your existing android messages app - go to Messages and from the menu button go to settings, then Notifications and untick ‘Received notifications’.

This will stop a doubling up of notifications, but you will still be able to see any texts in messages, if required.


Open the RIPText app from the Applications folder on your handset - you can easily add an icon to any home screen by holding down the icon and dragging it to your chosen page and position.

When you first open the app the Account Options page will display automatically - simply enter your country code in the first box eg: 34 for Spain and your mobile number in the second box.

Account Type:

  • If you are an existing 2020tel customer select '2020tel Customer'.
  • For all other customer types select 'Prepaid Account'

Press 'Finish' to save settings.

At any time you can press the options button within the application to configure any of RIP Text's settings.

Settings include:

  • Compose Options:
    • Signature on/off
    • Signature text
  • Notification Options:
    • Notification on/off
    • Select Ringtone
    • Vibrate on/off
  • Account Options:
    • Set your phone number
    • Set account type
  • Sending options
    • Failover to provider on/off
    • Confirmation on/off
  • Display Options
    • Font Size Lg/Med/Sml

The main page will display a list of your most recently received messages listed by contact.

Simply click on a contact to view the conversation with that contact.

Conversations are listed in a colour coded and bi-column fashion for ease of reading and in date order The message sent/recd date and time are displayed in the bottom right corner of each message.

To reply / send a message simply select the blank box at the bottom and using the keyboard type your message. A count of characters will display in the bottom right corner.

When finished press the  ‘SEND’ button.

Compose ButtonClicking the ‘Compose’ button  from the main screen will open the  compose message form.

Contact Search ButtonFrom here you can type in the number you want to send to or by clicking the ‘Contact Search’ button   you can select a contact / number form your phone book.


Text messages can be of any length, but each text is charged per 160 characters.

All normal character symbols like $, %, & €, have been tested as working.

RIP Text is for SMS only and does not currently support MMS or any other form of picture texting.

Option menu's can be initiated by pressing and holding down on an individual message or sender/contact in main screen.

Message options:

  • Forward
  • Copy
  • Show Details
  • Delete
  • Show Contact
  • Call Contact

Sender/Contact Options:

  • Show Contact
  • Call Contact
  • Delete Conversation (Delete all messages from Sender)

Pressing the contact icon at the top of the messaage conversation screen will give you several options:

  • Call Contact
  • Open Contact in phone book
  • Send Message
    • Messages App
    • RIP Text
    • Whats App
    • Any other loaded message service

Pressing the ‘Call’ Button on the Message screen will call the contact

Depending on your settings, your phone will alert you when a message has been received:

  • Play a sound
  • Vibrate
  • Add note in notification bar - pull down to view and press to open in RIP Text

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Using the RIPText Portal

Once logged in you will be taken to the main RIPText dashboard - here you can view your balance, top-up using Pay Pal, Credit card or a voucher, and view a history of top-up's.

Menu buttons allow you to navigate to SMS log history and user details.
The History page will give you a complete list of SMS messages you have sent including destination, length and rate applied.

Remember a single SMS/text message is calulated at 160 characters, so a message of say 223 characters will be counted as two SMS's.
The User Account section will allow you to check and change your personal details attached to the account including; Account name, Password, Email address and Phone number attached to account.

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